Monster Bash

The show of the centuries is about to begin. Rebuild FRANKENSTEIN and he’ll jump off his slab, ready to jam on the keyboard. If you can dig out the MUMMY, he’ll dust himselft off and plug in his bass. It’ll take a quarter moon, half moon, full moon for the WOLFMAN to give you a howling drumbeat. As fast as you can spell ”DRACULA”, the world’s coolest vampire will fly out of his coffin, dying to sink his teeth into a mean guitar riff. Lure the CREATURE up from the slimy depths of his beloved lagoon and hear him crank on his sax. And in no time the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN will be warmed up and wailing about her Ball and Chain. Now you can reunite the band that makes music ghoulish enough to raise the dead. Get ready to rock with Monster Bash!