Cactus Canyon

You rode into Cactus Canyon a stranger, but you can use your skills to become amarshal of this little town in need of taming. There’s plenty of cleanin’ up to do here, and Mayor Cheetum hopes you’re just the buckaroo to do it. But earning your badge won’t be easy!

You’ll have to do something about the STAMPEDES that charge through town from time to time, trampling everything in their paths. Those gunslingin’ outlaws, the Bart Brothers, are itchin’ to challenge you to a SHOWDOWN – you just might find yourself staring them down at the OK CORRAL, so you’d better have a QUICK DRAW. And pretty Miss Molly is bound to be tied up in some perilous predicament, so it’ll be upp to you to save her.

You’ve got to be prepared for anything in a town like this, but if you’re up to the challenge, you could hit the MOTHER LOAD here in Cactus Canyon. So reach for your revolver and get ready to shoot, because the West has never been this wild!